Diffusion Measurements - DWI

The following diffusions measurements were aquired using a DWI sequence referring to the following two publications:

Sequences for Diffusion MRI
Jim Pipe, Ph.D., St. Joseph’s Hospital, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

The Stejskal–Tanner equation generalized for any gradient shape - an overview of most pulse sequences measuring free diffusion
Davy Sinnaeve - Department of Organic Chemistry, Ghent University, Belgium

The figure below shows the used sequence programmed in the openMATLAB interface. The DWI sequence can be configured to use multiple diffusion and imaging modules in 0D / 1D and 2D.


As a demonstration we measured the ADC values of a selection of oils: rapeseed oil, olive oil and sewing machine oil. This is shown in the left figure.
The ADC values of a combined sample of ethanol and water is shown in the right figure.

DWI_Oil DWI_Water
DWI results - Rapeseed oil, olive oil, sewing machine oil DWI results - Water, Ethanol