Polymer Profiler

The Polymer Profiler is a joint development of Pure Devices and the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Circuits IIS.

Polymers, such as plastics, adhesives and sealants as well as other magnetic resonance visible materials, can be analyzed and characterized non-destructively by the Fraunhofer EZRT Polymer-Profiler Software. The use of a the Pure Devices MRI system ensures an outstanding sensitivity for this task.

The data is acquired using magnetic fields and pulsed radio frequency (RF). It is then processed and displayed as plots by the software. Any material change caused by either chemical, thermal or aging processes has an influence on the MR data, enabling the user to detect this change and take prompt measures to assure the required quality or to regulate underlying processes.


  • Polymer Profiler
  • Hardening Process
  • Relaxation curves
  • 2D fingerprint
  • Change of relaxation curves from a resin hardening process. Each curve, from dark blue to red, represents a time point during the transition from liquid to cured
  • Characteristic relaxation curves for various materials
  • The 2D-fingerprint method depicts the correlation of two relaxation times. This improves the significance of the measured characteristic material information, whereas the uncorrelated single relaxation spectra only provide the information concerning the projections (see orange profiles at the axes at the bottom and on the right).



  • quality control of plastics, adhesives and sealants
  • detection of material parameter changes
  • laboratory and process line use
  • identification of different polymers
  • monitoring of aging processes


  • complete MRI/NMR system
  • temperature controled magnet with 0.5 Tesla
  • high power RF amplifier
  • proton-free and low dead time probehead
  • user friendly yet powerful software
  • Fraunhofer approved algorithms for data evaluation
  • easy to setup

Measurement Procedures

  • Relaxation time measurements
  • Time resolved change of relaxation curves
  • 2D fingerprinting of polymer materials