openMATLAB® interface

control directly out of MATLAB®


  • Write our own sequences directly in MATLAB.
  • Plot your data with the powerful matlab figures - example: SpinEcho 0D
  • Network analyser included: Tune and match your coils directly out of MATLAB - no repluging required!
  • GUIs for easy operation available - example: echo train
  • Sequence Plot: Use the power of MATLAB to plot, zoom and analyse our sequences.
  • Shaped RF pulses: Use our pre-defined RF-pulse-shapes or easily create your own shape.
  • Slice Select: For 3D imaging methods use 'Slice Select GUI' for simple slice orientation.


  • complete control out of MATLAB®
  • push-button experiments including source code
  • real time network analyzer mode for RF-coil development
  • no timing restrictions
  • up to 512 RF pulses per rep. time
  • up to 512 AQ windows per rep. time
  • arbitrary gradient shapes
  • TX/RX with multiple frequencies/phases
  • use MATLAB for data analysis
  • real time feedback


Tutorial Video: Write a SpinEcho 2D using our openMATLAB interface