Teaching Software

the intuitive way to learn MRI

  • Signal Generation: How to create an FID.
  • T1 measurements
  • T1 profile of two test tubes filled with oil and water.
  • T2 measurements
  • Imaging experiments: 2D Spinecho of two test tubes filled with oil and water.
  • Imaging experiments: 3D Spinecho
  • Imaging experiments: 3D Spinecho of a honey bee. Viewer included in software. Volview export possible.
  • VolView export: Use the power of VolView to visualize 3D measurements.

Teach-m is designed to lead you through all aspects of magnet resonance tomography. The possibility to access experiments on runtime and directly visualize the results gives you an unprecedented learning experience. Lessons from NMR basics to advanced MRI methods can be examined.


  • Training at a real MRT
  • high resolution 3D imaging
  • T1/T2 measurements
  • live visualization of data
  • realtime control of experiments
  • all MR parameters accessible
  • export all data for further analysis (Matlab, Volview, ...)